Ground Coffee


250 gram pouch

The Root Cause


Our Organic Arabica Coffee contains brain boosting FOCUS Mushroom Adaptogen Elixir helping to support mental agility, creativity and overall cognitive performance.

Lion's mane for brain health benefits.

Agaricus blazei for boosting the immune system and regulating blood sugar levels.

Reishi for calmness and de-stressing.

Your Daily Dose


Sip when you you need to stay clear and focused. Developed for daily use with cumulative and long-term health benefits.


Use your favorite brewing method.


Daily cognitive function, calm energy and mood enhancement.

Brew with your favorite method Add your favorite milk and mix

Health Powered by Adaptogens

"The best coffee ever!"

"Best tasting coffee to get your day started."

"My go to coffee in the morning."

"Not experiencing the jittery high anymore."

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Lucas B
Producto puro

Gracias por no usar el micelio y solo usar el cuerpo fructífero. El sabor es tan rico, suave, simplemente delicioso

Nicoletta V
¡Me siento genial!

Gracias por hacer un producto eficaz y a la vez tan fácil de usar a diario. Este café es genial ¡Y si necesito más concentración, y un poder mental adicional, le agrego una cucharita de Focus Elixir, y noto aún más diferencia, soy fan

Nancy B
Soy una cliente feliz

He estado usando Focus Coffee durante 1 mes y estoy muy feliz de haberlos encontrado. ¡Por favor, lo necesito en granos!!

Claudia B
¡Lo recomiendo a todos!

Me encanta el sabor, el olor que deja en mi cocina, y desde que lo uso, dejé de sentirme tan nerviosa, estoy tan agradecida.

George L
El café Focus es el más puro que encontré.

He estado buscando un café de champiñones funcional que tenga un buen sabor. Me encanta tomar una taza antes de un gran caso judicial, realmente me ayuda a pensar con más claridad.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does your coffee compare to regular coffee?

Our Certified Organic Coffee is a functional coffee that contains adaptogen mushrooms. Therefore, it is much more than just coffee. You will benefit from 500 mg of adaptogens per serving (3 tbsp). The mushrooms in our Focus blend are Lion's Mane, Reishi and Agaricus. These medicinal mushrooms are known to support focus, concentration, blood sugar regulation, immune & mood enhancement.

2. Where do your ingredients come from?

Our Organic Coffee contains 100% Arabica beans grown on small farms in Central America. Our mushrooms are grown on logs on family-owned farms in the native growing locations in China. Our mushrooms are third party tested for quality, potency, and safety. We test for microbiology, heavy metals, pesticides, and beta-glucan potency levels.

3. What part of the mushroom do you use?

We only use the mature mushroom fruiting body (not the young fruiting body). No mycelium is used.

4. What does fruiting body mean?

The mushroom itself is the "fruiting body", much like the apple from an apple tree. Fruiting bodies contain no fillers and are high in nutrients. Mycelium is  what is found underground, which consist of delicate branching hyphae, a bit like the root system of a tree. Most commercial brands grow their mushrooms indoors on grain such as rice & oat and use the mycelium part of the mushroom. The mycelium contains impurities along with being inseparable from the grains, leading to high amounts of starch and does not store many nutrients or Beta-glucans. Beware of companies using buzz words such as 'full spectrum' or 'mycelial biomass', which is basically another name for myelinated grain.

5. What is beta-glucans?

Beta-glucans are the most well-researched medically active compound in mushrooms, known to be crucial in staying healthy. The body does not
produce beta-glucans naturally, and must get it through nutrition, yeast, algae, bacteria, and fungi. Beta-glucans act as immunomodulators, making
your immune system more efficient as well as helping to fight viruses. Beta-glucans have been used in Japan as an immune system stimulant to help fight cancer. Other therapeutic benefits include reducing in cholesterol and LDL.

6. How are your mushrooms extracted?

Dry mushroom fruiting body is grinded to a fine powder. A hot water and alcohol extraction method is used to release the bioactive compounds from the powder and remove any unwanted impurities.  This decoction is then spray dried down into a potent extract, with all the beneficial compounds from the original dried mushrooms.

7. What do extraction ratios mean?

The extraction ratio of each medicinal mushroom extract identifies how much dried mushroom was used to create the serving you receive.  For instance, a 15:1 extract means 15 kg of dried mushroom fruiting bodies was used to yield 1kg of extract.

Organic Reishi Ratio: 16:1
Organic Lion?s Mane Ratio: 12:1
Organic Agaricus Ratio: 10:1

8. Can I use your products if I am pregnant or breast-feeding?

We recommend you consult your physician or healthcare practitioner before taking any new supplement during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

9. How long until I start feeling the results?

This is slightly different for everybody, depending on whether your body is familiar with adaptogens and medicinal herbs or not. As a general rule with many supplements, your body will take 2 weeks - 1 month to naturally adapt. We ask that you wait this long to see the transformative effects of your Cokare products.

10. Are your products EU regulated?

Our herbal blends follow the EU supplement law which is one of the strictest in the world as well as adhering to the FDA's rules and guidelines for dietary supplements and follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). Our facility in Barcelona is a licensed facility for food and nutritional products. Our  License # Nº RGSEAA 26.022011/B.
We are highly committed to providing high quality, safe products through proper sourcing and rigorous testing.

11. How do I prepare your Organic Coffee?

We offer two different grinds that are specifically made for different brewing methods.
Ratio of coffee 1:17 water
Espresso: 70ml with 1cda coffee
Cortado: 120ml with 2cda coffee
Longo: 160ml with 3cda coffee

12. What do your certifications mean?

EU Organic

EU Organic products are sourced from farms that strictly follow organic
farming practices, this means avoiding synthetic pesticides, herbicides and
genetically modified organisms (GMO?s). Farmers also prioritize sustainable
soil and water management techniques. Each step of production, from the
farm to the final product, is carefully tracked and documented. This ensures
transparency and accountability, guaranteeing that organic products meet
the strict EU standards.

Learn more about this Certification

CCPAE Consell Catala de la Produccio Agaria Ecologica

The Catalan Council of the Organic Production (CCPAE) is the supervisory
authority of Catalonia that audits and certifies organic food products in this
territory so that they are of the highest quality. The certification guarantees
that the ingredients used follow strict ecological standards not using any
synthetic chemicals (hormones, herbicides, pesticides, etc.) in harvesting,
processing and production, ultimately guaranteeing the product as

Learn more about this Certification